How to fix ‘Facebook Keep Crashing On My iPhone and iPad’ issue?

Facebook app is one such app which is used frequently by its users no matter if you are using it for Andriod or for iPhone/iPad. But recently, some of the Facebook app users have faced crashing issues while using the app on their iPhone and iPad. If this is the case with you then you can get in touch with the Facebook Technical Support team.

Given below are the possible ways in which you can fix the crashing issue with Facebook app on your iPhone and iPad:

  • 1. Close the Facebook app and then reopen it

Sometimes restarting the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad may resolve the crashing problem. To do this, you have to press the Home button two times within a second and you will see a preview of the apps you have recently used. Go to the Facebook app and remove it from there. Then, go to the Home screen, find the Facebook app and reopen it to check if the issue has been resolved.

  • 2. Update the app

The next reason due to which the Facebook app keeps crashing can be if the app is outdated or corrupted. You need to update the app to its latest version and then check if the issue has been resolved. If you have recently updated, check if any other update is available in the app store.

  • 3. Uninstall the Facebook application

Reinstalling Facebook app can also help in fixing the crashing issue with the Facebook app. To do this, find the Facebook app on the Home screen. Tap the app and hold it till the ‘Uninstall’ sign appears. Click on the ‘X’ sign and the app will be uninstalled from your iPhone or iPad. After this, go to the App store and find the Facebook app, download the app and then reinstall it again. You can also call at the Facebook Phone Number if you need help for installation/un-installation.

  • 4. Restart your iPhone/iPad

This is one of the simplest options to resolve the crashing error with the Facebook app. To restart your iPhone/iPad, press the power button continuously till your iPhone/iPad is switched off and then hold the power button again to restart your iPhone or Pad.

  • 5. Update iOS software

Using the latest iOS software automatically resolves the minor bugs and issues with your device. Connect your iOS device to a power source and then to a network. Go to settings, General and then select Software Update.

Even after applying the above steps, if the error is still there, you can dial the Facebook Customer Service Number where our technical executives will help you to deal with the issue. It is also possible that the error might get automatically fixed after getting the next update. For the users who are going through any other issue except ‘crashing’, they can also contact the tech support team whenever they want.

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